Glorious Grain


Honey, extra virgin olive oil, and our own sourdough leavening make it fragrant and intensely flavorful. A long, slow rise sets it apart from any challah you’ve ever tasted. Makes divine French toast. Available plain, with apricots, eggless and vegan.

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Crusty Bread

Crusty round boules from your choice of grain, magnificently flavored by our own sourdough starter and a slow, overnight rise. All are vegan. And all are superb for slicing, for sandwiches or with cream cheese and salmon. You’ve never had toast like the toast you make with these breads.

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Buttermilk Cornbread

Sour cream and browned butter make this an intense treat. Fast baking in a hot cast iron skillet make it crispy on the outside, soft and rich within. Great on its own or with hearty food.

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